Saddle fitter, saddle dealer & saddler
At Masara, you can find a saddle fitter, saddler and saddle dealer. Masara has certified saddle fitters who can also make adjustments or repairs to a saddle. We are MSFC (Master Saddle Fitting Consultant) and QSF (Qualified Saddle Fitter). Masara houses the only Belgian Master Saddle Fitter, recognized by the prestigious English SMS (Society Master Saddlers).
What does a saddle fitter do?

A saddle fitter checks whether a saddle fits well on a horse. He looks at the whole picture and listens to your story. He takes into account the conformation, movement, and condition of the horse. In addition, he considers the physical characteristics of the rider. He can fit a brand new saddle or make adjustments to the current saddle to ensure it fits well on the horse.

“Masara aims to provide every horse and rider combination with a well-fitting saddle.”
Back problems in your horse
Back problems can arise from an ill-fitting or crooked saddle, an uneven rider, incorrect riding, overloading, or trauma. Consequences may include:
Physical problems:
white hairs, muscle atrophy, swelling, open wounds, scars, worn spots in the hair, hypertonia, pressure points, pain;
Behavior problems:
saddle and girth aversion, running away when mounting, refusing to stand still when mounting, biting the saddle or your leg, difficulty with shoeing, inability or difficulty rolling, restlessness in the stable, nervous ticks/teeth grinding, fear/escape behavior, flattened ears;
Training problems:
bucking or rearing, difficulty with flexion, concentration problems, flight tendencies, resistance, refusal to collect, lameness, difficulty walking straight, stiffness, lack of engagement, tense and nervous, walking with a hollowed back and nose in the air, vigorously swishing tail.
Masara performs small and large repairs on saddles, such as reflocking, touching up flocking, replacing girth straps, stitching repairs, repairs to the saddle tree, etc. Depending on the adjustment or repair, it can be done on-site or in our workshop.