Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions about Masara’s products and services are recurring. Therefore, a list of the most common questions and their answers has already been compiled.

How is payment processed?

A saddle fitting or check up service must be paid immediately. Also, when ordering a saddle or other item, it is expected that you pay a deposit of at least 50% immediately. The remaining amount is paid immediately upon delivery. This payment can be made in cash or electronically.

I have ordered a saddle or another item from Masara, is it ready yet?

As soon as the ordered product is available, you will be contacted immediately. The average waiting time for a saddle is ten weeks. However, unfortunately, this may sometimes be extended. Masara cannot change this.

Is there a warranty on my saddle?

Every saddle comes with a warranty, varying from brand to brand. In general, you can assume a one-year warranty on the leather and a lifelong warranty on the saddle tree. Of course, this only applies with proper use and maintenance, not in case of accidents.

Can you adjust my current saddle?

In certain cases, it is possible to adjust your current saddle in terms of flocking or getting improvement using a pad. However, if your horse exhibits severe symptoms such as lameness, back pain, muscle atrophy, visible injuries, or dry spots, it is likely that no solution can be offered. In such cases, you may need to consider purchasing a new, appropriate saddle if you want to ride your horse pain-free.

I cannot afford a new saddle, what do you recommend?

The cost of a suitable saddle, accessories, and service nowadays is at least €2000 and often more. You should also consider that you should have an annual or even semi-annual check to ensure that your saddle remains suitable and in good condition. If you cannot afford a suitable saddle, you should consider whether you can afford the horse itself. In other cases, it’s a matter of saving. In the meantime, you can do some ground work and reduce riding with the current saddle.

Does Masara sell second-hand saddles?

Masara has a small range of second-hand saddles available. The second-hand saddles offered are exclusively from the brands that Masara distributes or from saddleries that collaborate with Masara.

Will Masara buy my old saddle?

Only brands within Masara’s range can be sold for you by Masara. The price is determined in advance, and necessary repairs are carried out before the saddle is offered. No advance payment is made for this. Only when the saddle is sold will you receive the agreed amount. Other arrangements can be discussed.

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